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(Of) Education: John Milton`s Tractate
Areopagitica A Speech For The Liberty Of Unlicensed Printing To The Parliament of England
Comus, A Mask
Paradise Lost
Paradise Regained
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Samson Agonistes Of that sort of Dramatic Poem which is call`d Tragedy.
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1608 John Milton was born and educated in London, the son of a musical composer

1629 Milton made his way to Cambridge, where he studied at Christ`s College from which he took a BA

1632 received his MA from Christ`s College

1634 A dramatic masque Comus was performed although not published

1637 masque Comus was published anonymously

1637 His great pastoral elegy, Lycidas was published. this work expresses his grief over the loss of a college friend, Edward King.

1641 Milton began publishing pamphlets against the episcopal church and what he perceived as the unfinished English Reformation.

Approx 1642 began work on what is concidered one of his greatest works, Paradise Lost.

1644 Areopagitica, his famous defense of a free press

Approx 1645 During the mid-1640s, he began to notice the deterioration of his eyesight.

1651 The deterioration of his eyesight continued until he was completely blind.

1667 Paradise Lost is published

1671 Paradise Regained, the sequal to Paradise Lost is published

1671 Samson Agonistes is published

11/12/1674 He died of gout and was buried next to his father in St. Giles Church, Cripplegate, London.




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